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Laser Hollywood

Carbon Peel

Laser Hollywood Carbon Peel

Providing long-lasting improvement to the underlying structure of the skin


Improves skin tone


Using carbon cream

Reduce acne

Reduce fine lines

What's Hot in beauty? Hollywood Carbon Peel!

• It is a Q-switched laser treatment using Carbon Cream

• A thin layer of carbon cream is applied to the skin, to act asa photo-enhancer.

• The entire area is then treated by the Pastelle laser light, which is absorbed by the carbon on the skin surface.

• The carbon cream is shattered and blasted from the skin by the laser energy, taking the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the epidermal layer, and helping to contract the pores.

• Combining laser toning mode and laser genesis mode will activate collagenesis, providing long-lasting improvement to the underlying structure of the skin.

• A course of 6 treatments over 2 months is advised for maximum results. However, many clients enjoy having a single session to prepare their skin for an important occasion.

• Suitable for all skin types


LASER Hollywood Carbon Peel (45mins)

  • 315 New Zealand dollars
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